Target for Taxation

It's a New Day in PA...

...but natural gas companies are still being targeted.

  • Despite overwhelming proof that the existing impact tax structure is working well, keeping us competitive and helping local economies statewide, Pennsylvania's natural gas industry is still being singled out for higher taxes.

Why is this the case?

While the governor calls this proposed tax "modest," he also claims it would bring billions of new dollars into state coffers –so, which is it??

What They Won't Tell You

In the ongoing push by some to have natural gas companies pay their "fair share," proponents of another severance tax don't talk about how much money the impact tax has already generated ($1.2 billion and growing).

They don't talk about the fact that this money has been distributed among all 67 Pennsylvania counties to fund important public projects.

They don't talk about the fact that the low cost of energy in PA has helped save school districts tens of millions of dollars in energy costs, which means lower taxes for Pennsylvania families.

The bottom line is that despite the billions the natural gas industry has already generated and continues to bring in, there is never a tax that they won't like!