No severance levy

Editor: Gov. Tom Wolf recently ran a campaign commercial blasting the natural gas industry: "What lies underneath the ground belongs to the people of Pennsylvania."
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LETTER: State can't maximize energy resources with severance tax

State can't maximize energy resources with severance tax
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Governor's actions should match his words

Gov. Tom Wolf recently expressed support for Pennsylvania's natural gas industry when he said in a news release, "The shale gas resources in the Appalachian Basin represent enormous economic opportunity."
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Gov. Wolf's policies don't match his rhetoric when it comes to natural gas

Gov. Wolf recently shared some encouraging insights on Pennsylvania's energy future.
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Gov. Wolf's words on gas development ring hollow

When Gov. Tom Wolf announced the extension of a partnership with West Virginia and Ohio to collaborate on efforts to maximize the region's natural gas resources, he said the agreement ensures "we are doing everything we can to support additional development."
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Coalition Letter Again Urges Lawmakers to Oppose Severance Tax in 2018-19 State Budget

As you begin negotiations on the 2018-19 fiscal year budget, our diverse coalition of the state's leading business and trade associations again urges that the final budget and revenue package not include higher taxes on energy producers and users.
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Here's why we think a severance tax is still a bad idea

We begin 2018 with a national feeling of optimism as the economy is looking up.
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Natural gas production tax gets life in state House

The potential for a tax on Marcellus shale natural gas production gained new life Wednesday, as a bill emerged from a state House committee and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf urged leaders of the Republican-controlled chamber to speed it to a floor vote.
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Pa. House committee passes shale tax

A proposed severance tax on natural-gas drilling in Pennsylvania cleared the House Finance Committee today on a 16-9 vote, setting up a possible floor vote next week.
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Pa. House rejects effort to consider a shale tax to help fund the budget

The House had an opportunity to force consideration of a shale tax to help fund the 2017-18 budget by using a rarely used tactic to force the discharge of severance tax bill from the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.
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A severance tax won't cure the state's budget woes

Pennsylvania legislators looking to impose higher taxes on shale gas extraction under the guise of substantively closing the commonwealth's multibillion-dollar budget shortfall should look elsewhere, say researchers at the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy.
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After dismal 2016, shale gas drillers begin to turn a corner

Pennsylvania's moribund drilling industry, which has struggled with persistently low prices and a dearth of infrastructure to get its product to market, is showing signs of life.
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Natural gas drilling benefits Pa. jobs, economy

Pennsylvania has played a pivotal role in America's energy security since we discovered oil in Pennsylvania.
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The secret war Pennsylvania is winning - but will it win Foxconn?

From the car window, the man from New Jersey can see why Pennsylvania is winning the war.
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LETTER: Energy tax increase could hurt PA

Higher taxes cost good-paying jobs and undermine the commonwealth's ability to attract the capital investment needed to grow our economy.
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